Monday, July 13, 2009

Chad and Kristen

There are times in our lives where words epically fail us. There's no possible way that a few letters strung together can capture with accuracy the awe, wonder and excitement that is bouncing off the walls of your heart. And that's where I'm at in this moment. A few weeks ago I got news that made me bust out in the happy dance, complete with arms flailing, high-pitched squeals and the like. I found out that my brother-in-law, Chad and his AMAZING girlfriend Kristen were engaged. You may not be able to fully comprehend how great this is. I tear up just thinking about the how wonderful it is that this lady who is such an overwhelming heap of loveliness in our lives is now OFFICIALLY going to be my sister-in-law. That's like Baskin Robbins without calories good. I'm so ridiculously thrilled I could pee my pants. For the time being, we'll just let Jayden do that.
I asked them if they wouldn't mind being models for me as I learn to work with adults who can sit still as opposed to the constantly moving children I chase on a daily basis. For some reason, they graciously agreed. These pictures don't do that beauty of their relationship justice, but it's a start. And there's so many more. I didn't even get all of my favorites... But here's a few.
Thank you Chad and Kristen for being a part of our lives. You guys ooze amazingness.
And just to let anyone else know - I have the BEST sister-in-laws EVER. Hands down. I'm a lucky lady. The men in my life married soooooooo well

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  1. Wpw! These pictures are beautiful!!! And you can tell they are one happy in love couple : )

    Keep the pictures coming--you are wonderfully talented!!