Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh Theo

Late night conversations with him are the best. My eyes may be heavy and my body worn out, but I will still force myself to stay awake to listen to his hilarious commentary on life. (Complete with so much laughter, you'd think we were two years old.) And I NEVER regret staying awake... even when the Starbucks drive-thru whispers sweet little nothings to my car and all but forces my vehicle to come for a caffeine-laden pick-me-up. Why? Because he's worth it and I love him.
I love laughing at his ridiculously funny comments. I love staring into his chocolatey brown eyes. And I love that no matter what happens and no matter the imperfections we both bring to the table - I get to have him. I want him in my life everyday...forever. I love the silly songs that he creates when he's really tired. I love the way he decorates children's books with Russian, Scottish and British accents to name a few. (he also has a pretty decent Southern accent he throws in when he knows I'm listening. But to be honest - I almost always listen when he reads to the kids because I find myself unable to do anything else since I'm filled with anticipation of what voice/accent combination he'll bust out next) I love the way he believes in me when I'm given him every reason not to. I love the humility with which he approaches life. I love his laugh, even though when I first heard it, I swore I would never date him. I love that he checks out Mental Floss blog on a daily basis and thinks it's hilarious. I love how he sees the world and how he can dissect issues in such profound ways. I love his brilliance and that so many people don't know about it because he holds it so lightly. I love that just the other day, he worked the word "whippersnapper" into a song for the kids like it's totally normal.
I could keep going. But I have children that will wake up soon and commence giggles and the building of Lego monstrosities. In my heart though, I will keep going. Because he's worth it, and it's good for me to remember.

And finally, because pictures make everything better, here is the first picture I took with my new camera. (Just testing out lenses in the store) More about that soon. But let's say I'm quite stoked.

And so that Jayden can represent...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm still here...

I managed to drop off the face of the earth. Again. It's an incredible talent that I possess.
So much has been going on I haven't felt like I've had words to put around it. And due to my perfectionist tendencies, I haven't posted anything because it couldn't describe what was really going on within me.
But I'm coming back. I promise.
And with so much more. These past few months have been crazy and exciting and overwhelming and eye-opening and a little bit of everything else. And on top of it, due to a gift that I am still so in awe of, I can't think about it without getting misty-eyed, I also was given a new camera. (That story will be coming soon. I cry everytime I think about it...) My lens comes Tuesday and I don't know if I could be more excited. (And sad because that seems so far away)
So, I'll be capturing a lot more of the lovely people in my life and hoping to meet a lot more along the way. No more dropping off the face of the earth this time.
For any of you reading, I do hope this post finds you having a rock awesome day.