Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh Theo

Late night conversations with him are the best. My eyes may be heavy and my body worn out, but I will still force myself to stay awake to listen to his hilarious commentary on life. (Complete with so much laughter, you'd think we were two years old.) And I NEVER regret staying awake... even when the Starbucks drive-thru whispers sweet little nothings to my car and all but forces my vehicle to come for a caffeine-laden pick-me-up. Why? Because he's worth it and I love him.
I love laughing at his ridiculously funny comments. I love staring into his chocolatey brown eyes. And I love that no matter what happens and no matter the imperfections we both bring to the table - I get to have him. I want him in my life everyday...forever. I love the silly songs that he creates when he's really tired. I love the way he decorates children's books with Russian, Scottish and British accents to name a few. (he also has a pretty decent Southern accent he throws in when he knows I'm listening. But to be honest - I almost always listen when he reads to the kids because I find myself unable to do anything else since I'm filled with anticipation of what voice/accent combination he'll bust out next) I love the way he believes in me when I'm given him every reason not to. I love the humility with which he approaches life. I love his laugh, even though when I first heard it, I swore I would never date him. I love that he checks out Mental Floss blog on a daily basis and thinks it's hilarious. I love how he sees the world and how he can dissect issues in such profound ways. I love his brilliance and that so many people don't know about it because he holds it so lightly. I love that just the other day, he worked the word "whippersnapper" into a song for the kids like it's totally normal.
I could keep going. But I have children that will wake up soon and commence giggles and the building of Lego monstrosities. In my heart though, I will keep going. Because he's worth it, and it's good for me to remember.

And finally, because pictures make everything better, here is the first picture I took with my new camera. (Just testing out lenses in the store) More about that soon. But let's say I'm quite stoked.

And so that Jayden can represent...

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