Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm still here...

I managed to drop off the face of the earth. Again. It's an incredible talent that I possess.
So much has been going on I haven't felt like I've had words to put around it. And due to my perfectionist tendencies, I haven't posted anything because it couldn't describe what was really going on within me.
But I'm coming back. I promise.
And with so much more. These past few months have been crazy and exciting and overwhelming and eye-opening and a little bit of everything else. And on top of it, due to a gift that I am still so in awe of, I can't think about it without getting misty-eyed, I also was given a new camera. (That story will be coming soon. I cry everytime I think about it...) My lens comes Tuesday and I don't know if I could be more excited. (And sad because that seems so far away)
So, I'll be capturing a lot more of the lovely people in my life and hoping to meet a lot more along the way. No more dropping off the face of the earth this time.
For any of you reading, I do hope this post finds you having a rock awesome day.


  1. rock awesome eh? that's a new expression for me.
    It's so fun to read your blog!

  2. Betsi - you are ridiculously sweet. I miss having you around.