Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Katie and family

I knew he made her swoon. Yes, full-on legitimate, I really can use that word - swoon. She was smitten - from the way he loved God to the way he loved his kids. And I got to watch as the tall coffee had to switch to a venti because of great late night phone conversations. He loved her. But how could you not love Katie? The fiery red-headed, hilarious, bend-over-backwards to help someone, single-handedly outfitted my first child, hardworking, GORGEOUS, dedicated, Jesus-loving, rock awesome colorist/stylist... To know her IS to love her. Watching God bring them and their amazing kids together was so beautiful. And a few months after they were married - a little Addison was on her way.
How do you describe this family? Hilarious, exciting, loving, crazy awesome and the like.
Thank you so much for letting me use you as models! Michael, I love the way you love your kids and our beautiful Katie. Grace, thanks for all the ideas as we took pictures! Caleb - I'm now going to have to research the Nintendo DSi thanks to you. Alexis - I loved the chance to hang out with you. Addison - I've got a potential boyfriend for you down the road because girl, you are all things sweet and cute. And Katie - thanks for letting me join your family. And for making work even better over the past 4 years as you've followed God and shared your life (and your sweet hair-cutting skills) with me. You rock.

And Katie - these aren't necessarily the best photos - but these were the ones that I picked while eating dinner and feeding Jayden his food at the same time. (Definitely now have chicken noodle mush on my floor) So, I'll try to post more later, but at least this is a taste!
And the rest of the world - this family rocked this photoshoot. When we got to our location we were informed they were closing in 30 minutes. We got out and rocked out some fast and furious photos, so be impressed that they made this happen. they're incredible.

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