Monday, September 7, 2009

Part 2

I took more and more photos and harassed some of my friends into being models for me so I could practice. And I started asking God for a new camera because I was finding that I was at a point where my camera was holding me back from where I wanted to go.
Enter my parents. The people who would bend over backwards to help anyone – yeah, that’s them. Honestly, they probably thought I was nuts. But they listened to my excitement and joy over photography and entertained my dreams of becoming a wedding and family photographer. At least they probably enjoyed the extra pictures of the grandkids… But what they were about to do, I could not have been prepared for.
Before I continue, there’s something you must know. My parents have never had much. My dad was raised in a family and a time period when getting a piece of fruit for Christmas was considered an amazing luxury. My parents have as a married couple have served within the church for years where they have often given their lives and time away for very little monetary compensation. (Though they would tell you that the people have been worth every minute…or at least most of them…hee hee) So I grew up in a family that didn’t have much. We weren’t lacking anything, but we lived a little more simply. Add to this that the past 5 years have been a little difficult for them to say the least. They were caught in the middle of a very difficult church situation and they needed to leave. They put their house on sale at that point. And they waited for God. And waited. And waited. And they’re still waiting.
[Side note: They are not JUST waiting. I could tell you beautiful stories of what they’ve been up to]
As you can imagine, their income is less than what it had been…and the original wasn’t that much. The stock market has….done it’s thing, for lack of a better phrase. So needless to say, you would not see money growing on their trees.
Now back to my story…I call my parents almost everyday. It started because I wanted to check on them. These precious people had been through a lot. And I just wanted to be a loud voice in their lives letting them know that we loved them, we KNEW they were following God, to be a sounding board for all they wanted to process and to flood them with reminders that we were in it with them.
And then it turned. They helped carry me through very lonely times in life. We became even closer than we had ever been. They inspired me by how they handled the difficult things they were dealt. I got to see what a changed, awesome man my dad had become. My mom had become one of my closest friends and we got to talk about God in this awesome way. So…I still call them almost every day because they’re great. (And they put up with my random stories, my crazy ideas and everything else)
One day I was talking to my mom at work. I told her about how I wanted a new camera, but there was no way we could afford it and I’d just have to wait. And it wasn’t one of those – I’m trying to hint here kind of moments. I just tell her most everything. She asked how much one would cost and I told her. No big deal. I let her get back to work and went about my day of tickling adorable baby bellies and dancing the robot with my 3 year old. (Ya know, normal run of the mill stuff…)
A few days later she picked up the phone and asked me for my bank account number. I was thoroughly confused and asked why. She informed me that they were giving me a new camera.
Oh no she didn’t…. I told her no way. It wasn’t gonna happen. My precious, loving mother then said, “Amy, we’re doing this. For weeks now, I had felt like God wanted us to give you $1000. Then when we were talking about I asked you how much a new camera would cost you – you said $1000. And I said, ‘Okay, God, I get the point.’”
I hung up the phone. I had no words. And I walked around constantly feeling the need to pinch myself. God overwhelmed me. And some of the most precious people in my life were a part of it. Even when I don’t have some established business. And even when they could use the money for themselves. I’m overwhelmed by their love. And by God’s. And at this moment, that is all I can say. Because more words would clutter the beauty.


  1. Amy, this is such a wonderful story. It was truly meant for you to enter the world of photography. You are amazing and I thank your parents and Ted for blessing you with the tools you need to be an amazing photographer. Because of their blessing you then blessed me by capturing my beautiful baby boy. I am truly grateful for this and happy you allowed me to let him be one of your models. I will spread the word and always come back to you. Your work is amazing!

  2. Very cool. Very amazing. Very God. :)