Saturday, September 12, 2009

Recipe for Greatness

1. Find the most adorable little lady you possibly can. (I'm in luck - I live with her on a daily basis.)

2. Whisk her off to a surprise filled day.

3. Have her get her nails done. (Working at a spa does make this easier)

4. Go to the city. Soak in every moment...AKA don't answer your cell phone or even check it

5. Explore.

6. Make up songs.

7. Snuggle at dinner.

8. Get ice cream. Totally get ice cream.

9. Go to the beach and prepare to get wet and sandy. Running full force into the water is a must - hand in hand.

10. Whenever possible - repeat. (As a side note, there will probably be a large-esque cleaning task ahead of you after your sand-filled friend enters the car. But alas, you'll smile every time you find grains of sand in your car - I promise)

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