Friday, December 17, 2010

The past few months...

Life gets crazy and I disappear.
I'm going to stop doing it.  I swear.
I guess it's felt like life has been dealing us more than we ever thought we could handle in both good and not-so-great ways.
Like food poisoning?
NOT-so-great.  Correction: HORRIBLE.
Time to explain to my daughter that we have choices every day to trust God and take chances and give in big ways or always be concerned about ourselves and live lame lives?
Infinitely wonderful.
And I find in these moments I over-analyze anything I would say and decide to play it safe and put nothing out there., I'll put this.  Joy.  From two of the cutest little people on the planet.  I hope these bring you half as much joy as they do to me:


  1. Ooohhhh how I love you. Love your kids. Adore your work.

  2. I love you. And so do these kids. BIG time.

  3. So amazing! They are getting so big and even cuter if that is possible!! You and Ted are such good parents to go out to play in the snow after food poisoning! Glad you are feeling better and enjoying your family so much! Those pictures are what it's all about!
    Luv u guys,

  4. Joyce! Thank you so much... But don't give us too much credit - the snow pictures were before food poisoning. We're doing well to stand up currently, so there have been no snow trips. Thank you for your sweet words!!!