Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clare Colwin Designs

Confession Time:
I want to buy everything from her store.
Twice even.
As I went through the beautiful pieces I had the privilege of photographing, I kept thinking, "Oh my goodness...I want to keep this."
Her designs are honest.  Beautiful.  Inspired. 
And I could not have been more thrilled to photograph them.  Complete with BEAUTIFUL models...  Let's just say the entire experience was

Which leads me to the fact that I'm thrilled to do two things:
1.  Direct you to her site so you can go crazy with me and we can be stylish friends together.
2.  Give one of these GORGEOUS pieces away to one of you!!!

So,'s where you can find more of Clare's designs:

And don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting them ALL.

Secondly - how about that giveaway?!?
Oh yes...

Head over to Clare Colwin Designs and tell me on my Facebook page what your favorite piece is.  With your comment you get one entry...  (The winner gets to choose their favorite piece.  Yes, Clare is that cool)
If you'd like to be so kind as to share my Facebook page with your friends by tagging us in a status update, you get two extra entries.  If your tag is incredibly witty, you get three.  Yep, I went there...

You have until Saturday at midnight to enter!
And the winner will be announced on Monday!

In the meantime, check out some of the pictures from our shoot...
(and there's a cute little someone you might just recognize...)

Happy commenting!

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