Friday, October 30, 2009

The Millers

I remember the first time I heard her talk about it. She stood in front of our church and laid out her longings to have another child. She walked us through the time she had spent praying and agonizing and wrestling with God as to why He didn’t seem to let that happen. She let us into the joy she felt as she held her precious little Raegan and yet the ache, doubts and the pain that she went through as she longed for more little ones to cuddle in her arms. She captivated us as she led us through a series of events that started their adoption process. And as the tears rolled down her face as she talked about her precious daughters and going to get them, I knew I had just met one of the most amazing women ever.
Her husband happens to be just as cool. If you know my story, you’d realize that church hasn’t always been a great experience for me. With a father in ministry, I’ve seen some of the great sides of church and unfortunately, I’ve seem some of the really ugly sides. And I haven’t exactly had a great track record with pastors, whether they were my boss or my dads. (Not all, just many) So when Mark came on staff at our church, I had no idea that my impression of pastors could be restored in such an awesome way. Mark has been this incredible, patient, healing presence in the life of our family. (It helps to have such a stellar wife and kids…) And I can’t begin to thank him enough for that.
And their kids? AWESOME. And I will forever and always adore them all, especially Miss Raegan – seeing as I had the privilege of having her in youth group. (She is so awesome it’s out of control)
So now that you know that they’re great, add to that equation that they’re seriously gorgeous. Here’s a little snapshot of their family. They make me want to be an honorary Miller. (What do you think guys? Would Ramsay say I make the cut?)

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