Saturday, October 31, 2009

One of my first loves...

Tell me. Over and over. Adjust a few details as needed, but please, just tell me.
From the very beginning, I've been in love with stories. Hilarious stories are some of my fave. Love stories melt my heart. Stories filled with survival and passion and dream-chasing. Stories of rescue, stories of hope and simple stories have filled my days. And I love it.
I'm realizing that's one of the reasons I'm in love with photography. I get the privilege of capturing and then sharing those stories. My poor parents indulgence of telling the story of when you...(dressed up as an ape to scare your dorm mother, threw your suit in the trash, were given permission to spank your mother...) ONE more time paid off. Now I get to be the story-teller.
There are some great stories waiting to be told. Some have already been caught on my camera, some will be soon. And I can't wait to tell those stories. Stay tuned if you don't mind for some beautiful stories and people coming your way. Slowly, but surely, I'm figuring out a rhythm as to how I work and I'm excited to share that with you.
And finally, to anyone who is reading this, thank you. It means the world to me to think that you would take the time to read my stories. I appreciate it to no end. And yes, I do get ridiculously encouraged when I see that people have actually been visiting these stories. So thank you. There's more to come and now there will be a rhythm. (Thanks to Mandy, who's story will be told soon as well)

Here's a picture of someone I adore. Her story will be coming soon...

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