Saturday, October 31, 2009


It’s hard to know where to begin on this one. I love and adore this person so much and she’s one of the most talented people I know. So where do you begin? With the talent or the sentimental-gushy moment?
Let’s start here. Her name is Ivy. I met Ivy nearly five years ago. First impression: Beautiful. And the simple yet astonishing, she-didn’t-even-have-to-work-at-it – stunning. But over these five years, I’ve gotten to know her, and though she’s clearly beautiful on the outside, I’m pretty sure her outward beauty doesn’t hold a candle to the lady that she is.
Ivy and I had the privilege of working together at the LifeSpa in Warrenville. And quite honestly, she’s one of the most gifted stylists and colorists I’ve ever known. Though our spa is filled with ridiculously talented people, Ivy was the first stylist I’ve EVER had that I could sit down and say, “Do whatever you want” and know it would come out perfectly. (The reason why I can’t normally do that is part “I’m a control freak” and part HORRIBLE hair coloring and cutting history before I worked at LifeSpa. You would not believe what people have done to my hair…)
A little over a month ago, Ivy realized it was time - time to step out on her own. And though I miss seeing her when I work dearly, she was right. She is so incredibly talented and it was time. Being the amazing (and beautiful) friend that she is, she let me steal some of her time to capture some shots for her website. I got to spend time with my friend, my stylist and my kids’ favorite person ever. It was an honor.
Ivy, you are so beautiful it’s out of control. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your story with me. Thank you for sharing your talents with my hair – hearing your story is my favorite thing, but my husband and kids thank you for making me look a whole lot better. And most of all, thank you for becoming a part of our family. For loving my children, for loving me and for laughing at my husband! We are thrilled to have you in our lives and quite honestly, you’re our stylist for life. We thank God for you all the time. You are amazing. Thank you for rocking our lives with your awesomeness. I just hope these pictures help the incredible business I know you will have.

Ready to sign up for your appointment? Yeah, I figured. And if you were to see what she can do with my curly, frizzy, crazy hair, you'd be scrambling out the door to make sure you could get an appointment with her. Here's her website:
Go and enjoy every last moment with her. She's amazing.

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  1. Wow. She is truly beautiful, Amy! And you are a wonderful friend, I can tell. : ) I just love your photography--you are crazy talented! If there's one thing I really would love to become better at, it's photography. You are doing an amazing job!