Tuesday, November 3, 2009

1,000 Cool Points

I never planned on being a mom. I was sure I would lose a child (like misplace them) and that I was completely unqualified. When I found out I was pregnant with my first, I cried. For days... I was terrified. For 9 months I struggled to accept a role I was sure I didn't want.
And then I met her.
Life changed. God gave me the most incredibly awesome little girl. She was full of life, joy, giggles and as we've seen in the past few months, an unbelievable ability to compose hilarious songs on the spot. Though I still feel like I'm still right about the unqualified part, I love it.
And yes, I also have a little man that has stolen my heart in the most ridiculous way. And he was also a surprise. We were planning to adopt a little girl (our choice, not because of circumstance) and I found out I was pregnant. With a boy. (Did I mention that whenever I watched little boys playing at the mall or the park I was instantaneously zapped of all my energy? You can read more about that a little further down in the post "Jayden") And again, I'm in love. (And yes, we're still going to adopt. We're just paused for the moment)
God has given me insanely cool, smiley, hilarious, awesome kids. With the horrid reaction I had both times, I don't deserve it, but God is His graciousness probably knew I wouldn't have survived without such easy-going kids. So here's a little glimpse into why I think they deserve 1,000 cool points.

Yes, my heart just melted, too

I cannot help by smile every time.

If only you could hear her sing "Part of Your World" And yes, she chose a purse to put her candy in...

My little man already has a baby 6-pack

She found his Spiderman mask and entertained herself for hours

Action shot of her "roar"

Yes, this is my daughter. And those are her ear muffs. And yes she was napping.

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