Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Everyone has a story. Some are full of adventure, some heart-ache, some full of longing, others full of love. And the best stories probably have a combination of all these and more.
I've said it before, but the truth is, I LOVE stories. People's stories to be exact. I love hearing who they are and learning from them and their experience.
I also love sharing those stories with others.
And so, I want to hear some stories...

I am giving away a FREE PHOTO SESSION, my friends. I am so excited it's out of control. And here's your part - you get to share the stories, whether it's your story or the story of a friend that you would like to nominate.

The winner will be the story that moves us the most, whether that's to laughter, tears or a great combination of the two.

Here's the rules though:

The story you share of yourself or the person you nominate must be TRUE.

The session will have to be conducted in one of the following areas: the greater Chicago area, the Louisville area or the Grand Rapids area. (Those are the places we visit most frequently and can accommodate easily. And yes, I seriously hope I can add California to that list one day. California dreamin'...)

To enter, you need to go to my facebook fan page and share your story there. That way it's all in one place! If you're not on facebook though, I will try to keep an eye out for comments on the blog.

All entries must be received by December 4. The winner will be announced the following week.

The winner will receive a free photo session, 1 8x10 of their choice, 25% off a gallery wrap and a cookie. Because, let's be honest, cookies make everything THAT much better. (Unless you're diabetic...)

Can't wait to hear your story!!!
Go enter NOW!!! Right here...

And just for fun, here's a picture from a shoot I did this morning, in Louisville of a little man who's story began 3 months ago...

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