Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tracy and Michael

There are some things in life you will never forget. That morning as I held my polka dotted mug full of soy chai goodness I found it difficult to hold back tears. Not bad tears of pain and anguish, but joyous, my-dreams-are-actually-happening tears of extreme happiness overload.
A few minutes earlier when I checked facebook, I saw it. She asked me if I would ever do engagement pictures. I didn't respond at that moment. I couldn't. I had been begging God to have one person notice my photography. That someone would want me to do their pictures. And there she was.
My precious Tracy. We share an extreme love for coffee, awesome curly hair and the inability to get through a day without laughing. She's the kind of person you just want to spend all your time with. She has a smile that readily reminds you that life is really beautiful. Her laughter is contagious. And she's willing to bust out a cheer routine if you need a little pick me up.
Her fiancee? He rocks. He loves her and soaks up every ounce of laughter she shares. You can see his devotion to her every time he looks at her. He realizes what an incredible lady he has in his life. And he happens to be all kinds of cool. (And on a side note, he tolerated me accidentally calling him "man-pretty" during our session. Note to self...that belongs on the list of things not to say again...)
Tracy and Michael, thank you for letting me spend time with you. Michael, I LOVED getting to know you! And I had a blast hanging out with you. And thank you for the way you love my precious friend. And Tracy, thank you for the giggles, hilarious comments and wonderful conversations you've shared with me. Thank you for the way you make our family feel like the world stops for us. And thank you for believing in me. I don't think I can ever say thank you enough for that. At a time when I doubted myself, I doubted what God had told me and was incredibly discouraged, you saw something there. Thank you for trusting me with the honor of capturing your relationship. And PS: You're beautiful... And Michael, you're man-pretty.

Michael, you're a stud

Work it, girl...


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