Monday, November 9, 2009


Best friend. Rock-awesome barista. Designated friend to call when you’re crying so hard you can’t breathe. Bailer out of despair. Interior decorator and fashion coordinator. Adopted aunt to my kids. Inspiration. Perspective-giver. Truth-teller, even when you don’t want to hear it, but NEED to. Listener to the broken-hearted. Encourager. My dose of sanity. My running partner and distractional conversationalist when I realize that my legs feel like lead and begin to throw their own revolt. The truth is she’s all of these things and more.
Her name is Rachel. I can’t remember exactly how we meet, but I can tell you my life has never been the same. She has become such a foundational part of my life I just consider her my sister. And quite honestly, I don’t know what I would do without her. (And hope I don’t have to find out like I did with my Katie who now lives in Tokyo…)
A few months ago, she agreed to hang out with me and let me take some pictures of her. I needed a chance to practice and learn a lot more. And the truth is, she’s gorgeous and it makes my job easy.
So here’s a peek at one of my best friends. She also happens to be our wedding and family album designer. When we started this business we realized I couldn’t do everything, as much as I might want to and that album design was one of those things I needed to turn over so that I could focus on photography, clients and my kids. As I debated what to do, I thought of Rachel. There’s no one whose artistic eye I trust more. She’s incredible, she understands my style and dedication to beauty and story-telling and she’s just great. So, she said yes. And as I’ve already gotten a glimpse of one album she’s preparing for one of our clients, I’m blown away! I almost cried as she flipped through the pages. She caught their story, their beauty and their laughter in the most beautiful way.
So without delay, here she is… And Rachel, can we do this again? I’d be a fan.

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