Friday, November 13, 2009


Secrets. When it comes to someone sharing deep, intimate details of their lives, I'm on lock down. But when it comes to something really exciting like presents for my kids, a surprise for my husband, or photos I'm really excited about, I'm totally worthless. Positively, absolutely WORTHLESS. (Although, I've pulled off some sweet surprises for people around me, oftentimes I'm still an epic fail)
So...I need you to help me keep a secret. Last week I had the privilege of doing an AWESOME shoot with one of my favorite people in the world. Her name is Amy. (Yes, quite a good name...) And she happens to be one of the most talented estheticians/make up artists there ever was. Add to that, she's all kinds of sweet, hilarious and lovable. Spending a few minutes with her calms nerves, provides perspective, is often laced with giggles, guarantees a listening ear and caring heart and promotes world peace. Yes, she rocks.
And she's surprising a certain someone in her life with some pictures of her drop dead gorgeous self. So. That's where you come in. If you happen to be facebook friends with her, PLEASE DO NOT write on her wall how awesome her pictures were. DO NOT leave her little comments like "Wow, he's going to love those pictures..." or anything of the sort. If you'd like, leave her comments on how stunning she is here. I'll make her check it, because I don't think she has a clue how gorgeous she is and those reminders all always nice.
And finally, let it be said. If any of you EVER need your makeup done, you need to call her. She works at my spa and she's incredible. And I'm making her start a website because she's ridiculously talented and she's so sweet, wonderful and professional that it's out of control.
With all that said, enjoy these pictures!!!


Double wow, girl.

We totally did this in under 5 minutes. I was all, "would you want to maybe, ya know, walk on the tracks?" And she said yes. I have amazing client friends.

Oh yes. She totally brought red boots. Oh Amy, I love you.

Holy cuteness factor...

Amy, you are stunning.

Yeah, we totally trespassed...

And it was SO worth it


  1. Stunning!! Every. Single. One! She is just gorgeous. These are incredible pictures, Amy! Incredible! You blow me away!