Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Precious Little Family

Upon meeting the entire family, I immediately wanted to be an honorary member. There's little Ava who is full of life and probably spent our entire session running and exploring. And then there's Brayden, and seriously, if Hannah were older, I think I'd be reserving him for her. He's kind, spirited, talented and just all-around awesome. But what do you expect when you have this kind, loving, strong dad? And then there's Jules. How she does everything she does astonishes me. From running two different departments to having a ridiculously BEAUTIFUL house (and yes, secretly I wanted her to come redecorate my house...not so secret anymore, I guess) and being this precious, all-in, loving mom...she really does it all.
Thank you, Jules, Tim, Brayden and Ava for sharing your time and your story with me. You are so adorable and I loved exploring with you guys. I hope you enjoy the moments I had so much fun capturing! And happy early birthday, Ava!

(Sorry, I loaded so many pictures - I had the worst time narrowing it down!)

Let it be said, you two are gorgeous!!!

Oh, precious Ava

That's about 1000 cool mom points right there

So...I was so in love with the mom/son combo that I put up 2. What can I say? They're adorable!!!

I am in love with Ava's eyes

I decided to end on a ridiculously sweet note.

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