Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A few thoughts...

I've been overwhelmed by so many beautiful people in front of my camera and so many thoughts to share that I haven't posted. Yeah, I know. Kind of backwards. So I thought instead of stringing together words in what I hope is a somewhat pleasing manner, I'll just share a few things that struck me in the past week.

When you run into a door, it is most likely the door's fault. Give the door a timeout. (My little lady literally did this. Her exact words after running into said door, "Time out, door!")

Dance. Any time. All the time. And don't worry what other people think - just dance.

Snuggles with your favorite girl, popcorn, and a capella music courtesy of the show, "The Sing Off" is a recipe for great memories.

I need a new computer with more storage... Sometimes our Mac gets upset with all the work I want to do on it...

The elephant noise coming from your favorite little man can entertain you for hours... And yet, if someone my age did it, I would not be entertained at all.

The story of Jesus' birth is kind of scandalous. I never realized it until I tried reading and explaining it to my three year old. More on this later...

Presents do not wrap themselves, no matter how much you wish they would.

Well, there's a lot more to share and more pictures to show, but for now, I'm going to have a chocolate milk date with the cutest little three year old I know. And because pictures make everything better... Here's two of my favorite little people:

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