Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Love at first click...

We'd had several phone conversations and played phone tag a few times. And I already knew I was going to love spending time with her. She's the kind of client that makes you ridiculously thrilled to answer your phone. You already feel like she's a good friend.
When I walked in and first officially met the rest of her family, I was in love. Her husband was so kind and gracious. And he's the kind of guy that couldn't begin to hide his love for the two beautiful ladies in his life. (And he's patient seeing as he helped me completely rearrange their living room numerous times)
And their little lady? Um, there are not words. She oozes a nearly lethal combination of cuteness and sweetness. I fell in love, I'm not gonna lie. (I mentioned her to Jayden, so we'll see if anything develops down the road)
So, incredible Moline family, thank you for letting me join your family. Capturing your giggles, snuggles, kisses and stolen glances was such an honor. And hanging out with you? I loved it. Thank you for your hospitality, your willingness to rearrange your furniture and your transparent adoration of one another. You all rock.

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