Thursday, December 3, 2009


She's sitting in a waiting room. Her life has basically been lived in the doctor's office for the past few months. Today she sits waiting...hoping...praying to know why her body has decided to complicate her life in such a way.
Last night we sat across from each other, Christmas-y red cups in hand and some sort of Holiday mix playing in the background. (I know this, I'm ADD.) I looked into her face and couldn't believe that I had the privilege of sitting across from her. I sat in disbelief that God would give me a friend so genuine, a friend so dedicated, a friend so beautifully honest, and a friend that has faced such a ridiculously rough road for her 20-something years of life thus far and holds within her a beauty that only hardship, forgiveness and God's faithfulness can yield. And as we both found tears welling up as we visited the reality of the unknown in her life and the scariness of it all, we exchanged that knowing glance.
God is here. She will find some way to put one foot in front of the other. She will hurt, she will cry, she will accept help and she will wrestle through all of this with a large group of people who love her. People who realize we need her in our lives. People who realize that she has so much to teach us about the beauty and the sacred in life.
I looked deep into her eyes and told her, "I don't think this is forever."
Right now, she is sitting and waiting to hear for sure what disease is impacting her body. The next few months will likely be filled with new medications, lifestyle adjustments and likely time in physical therapy. The doctors may pronounce that her body is starting a lifetime of fighting itself and has just recently decided to show her. But there is hope. Because quite honestly, God can heal her. And though I don't sense from talking with Him that it will be right now, as odd as it sounds, I believe He is going to one day.
My friend humbles me to the core. You know who you are. So let it be said, thank you. Thank you for sharing your life with me. Thank you that you're such a good friend that I know you're probably reading this because you care about me and for some reason you are gracious enough to read my scatter-brained musings on life. Thank you for the way you love my daughter and show her what love looks like. Thank you for making my family your own. Thank you for the hard work you have done in life to forgive. You have no idea how often I find myself in tears as I see in you the beauty of what it means to be free. You could be so bitter, you could be so disheartened with all that life has dealt you, but are free. You are free to love and dance and ridiculously bless everyone you come in contact with. I want to live so much more like you do. I sometimes tear up as I thank God for all that He has faithfully brought you through. Your life has literally been a living Hell so many times, and yet you have survived and you have wrestled and you have come out reminding everyone around you of the beauty He has to offer. Thank you. Thank you that you'd let me share life with you. I can't even begin to put words around how much you mean to me. Thank you, friend. And thank you that even as you sit waiting for a life-altering diagnosis, you are probably making the entire medical staff laugh and enjoy their day a little bit more just as you are yourself around them. Gosh, I adore you.
Today I sit waiting. Computer at my fingertips, brain unable to think of anything except her. And I wait.
So, if you're reading this, know that there is hope. Because my friend knows this. Know that God is there, because my friend would want you to know that. And laugh, because my friend would recommend it on a daily basis. To aid the laughter, here's a little picture for you. My friend graciously loves my kids and I think she will enjoy this. So friend, this is for you. And hopefully other will enjoy it as well...

As my friend would say...Bring it on. Especially when you've got ear muffs on...


  1. sounds like this person deserves a free photo session... maybe someday we will get to hear her full story. You are a very talented photographer and writer Amy

  2. Thank you so much! Your sweet words made my day. And one day, as soon as she's ready, you'll get to hear the full story. It's amazing...