Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Erin and Phil

It's one of my favorite questions to ask...
"What was your first thought when you met him?"
Her answer was sweet and cute and inserted hilarious anecdotes about how he was wearing a Speedo.  (Not actually true, however a hilarious joke they share)
Then I asked him what his first thoughts were when he saw her.
"Do you want to know the truth?"
Um, yeah.  Of course.
"I thought I'd really like to make out with her."
At this point I nearly fell off my step ladder from extreme amounts of laughter.
Well...he was honest.
Over time they became friends.  And instead of being some girl he wanted to make out with, she became the one he didn't want to live without.  He caught a vision for what life following Jesus could be like and wanted every step of that to be with her.  And she knew that she wanted to wake up every morning next to him... following dreams of serving others and living the crazy full life that Jesus promised.

Erin and Phil, you two are incredible.  Thank you for letting me into your lives and your relationship.  For sharing hilarious stories and for making me laugh so hard I nearly fell over.  For then sharing more about your dreams of caring for people and seeing how you're already doing it.  I am ridiculously thankful for you two.
And PS: Happy 2 year anniversary!

Yes, they are that adorable...

Can we say best series ever?

You two get at least 1,000 adorable points.

You two are fierce.


Her reaction to Phil's first thoughts...

Erin, you are gorgeous.  Just so you know.

Yes, yes he did.

And to see more from their couple's session, just click HERE.  And the music?  The amazing Andrea Bustin.  Who is releasing her new CD next month.  Sooooooooooo good.

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