Friday, October 15, 2010

Polka dotted coffee mugs

It's late.
I realize this. 
But it's silent.
And it's moments like these when I hold a polka dotted coffee mug with hot tea and I think of these amazing people that are basically a part of our family.  And though I wish they were hear sharing stories and life with me, I realize they are scattered throughout the world.  Serving.  Learning.  Growing.  Crying.  Dancing.  Laughing.  Eating.  Sleeping.  And writing.
And I read their blogs.  Because I miss them.  Because they challenge me.  Because I want to know what these places are like.  Because I've grown to feel like their host families are friends.  And because I love them.
So, I'll share them with you.  Be prepared to fall in love with them.  And places and people you never met.
And the pictures?  Your breath will likely be taken away. 
One of the students specifically is doing a story-project that will later be a coffee table book filled with pictures and stories.  And yes, I totally want one.
Here are some links to some people that might just change your life and in small ways with GREAT love they are changing the world...


And there's another one in Chicago.  Caring, learning, working, loving and the like.  And yes, I'm calling you out here - because either you don't have a blog or you haven't shared it with me.  But long story short - she's worth knowing.  And her name is Kaitlin.  And I hope you help me pressure her into starting a blog.

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  1. I'm so honored I got a shout-out on your blog! And I can't wait to be sipping out of a polka dotted coffee mug with you!