Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jillian and Rob: Engagement Session

She was beautiful.
And personable.
And she was one of those people that made the room light up when she smiled.  (Don't get me started on her gorgeous smile.  Just wait - you'll see)  She was all things wonderful.
He sat in the interview – and he knew: this girl was one of a kind.
It was an easy choice. 
The restaurant needed her.  She had the job.
The not so easy choice?
After months of working together and realizing that he was already falling for her…did he admit it?  Did he risk his job?
There’s one thing you know after spending time with Rob.  He knows the right time to risk it all.  And he’d probably say it was an easy choice.  She was worth it.
And Jillian?
She started to fall for Rob.
And they started a relationship that was worth the risk.  And in a few months they will declare in front of a close group of family and friends that it was the best risk they’ve ever taken.  And they will continue to risk everything for this love.  For ever.

Jillian and Rob, you two are beyond wonderful.  I could not be more excited/honored to be there to document your wedding day.  I'm so excited.  And Rob, I promise not to call you "buddy" on your wedding day.  Please forgive my social awkwardness.  Somehow you two still managed to rock out our shoot.

And of course, if you'd like to see more of their engagement pictures, just click HERE for their slide-show.  And of course, the music is the ever-so-talented, soon-to-release her album, Andrea Bustin.

Okay.  Here it is.  One of many shots that turn me into mush every time.



This is probably one of the times I called Rob "Buddy" and he couldn't help but laugh at my awkwardness.


Um.  Hello and welcome to stunning.

They are just this gorgeous.

I LOVE this. 

Wow.  Double wow.

Again if you'd like to see more from their engagement session just click HERE for their slide-show.  And thanks to Andrea Bustin for the gorgeous vocal stylings.

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