Friday, November 5, 2010

Nicole and Spencer

Her friend had already made her aware of the oh-so-cute guy that worked at her building.  That match-making friend was convinced they would be perfect for each other.
Too bad that the first time Nicole met Spencer, she didn’t even notice him.  He would add (with a mischievous smile on his face) – she was kind of rude.
To know Nicole is to know the exact opposite.  She values people.  She makes them feel welcome.  And loved.  And she has no recollection of said event. 
But sometimes in life we’re given a second chance.
A few weeks later, she found an issue in her apartment.  She called to send someone to fix it.  Soon after, that oh-so-cute guy was knocking at her door and Nicole couldn’t help but notice. 
After that meeting a spark had started.  That led to him offering to help her move.  That led to hour long conversations.  That led to a relationship.  That led to a precious little man named Cameron.  That led to the realization that they wanted all of their days to be spent together.  Loving, laughing and recalling first impressions gone wrong.  And next year these two will pledge themselves to each other.  And thank God for apartments in need of repair.

Nicole and Spencer, I love you two.  (And Cam…)  It has been SUCH a privilege to watch your relationship grow and develop.  And I’m not going to lie – I totally teared up when I heard that Spencer had proposed.  Because you two have that love – that beautiful kind of love that reminds this world that there is so.much.good.  Thank you for inspiring me.  For sharing life with me.  And for being so incredibly wonderful.  All.the.time…

And Nicole – happy birthday…  I’m so glad that you were born!

For a slide-show of pictures from our session, just go HERE.  And the music?  You guessed it - the incredibly talented Devin Bustin.  And yes, do yourself a favor and check out his original music.

Just so you know...these two brought it

I almost melted from extreme amounts of cuteness.

Nicole, gosh you are gorgeous.  And of course Spencer brought the studly.


I warned her to make sure the water didn't go up her nose.  I try to help.

Please, you simply MUST note these SHOES.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Oh so fierce.

Love these shoes.  I cannot wait for her wedding day...

Oh my goodness..

Again with Nicole bein' all stunning.

Spencer - seriously.  Wow.

One of my faves.

I love this beyond measure.

Again, if you'd like to see more pictures, check out their slide-show!

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