Monday, February 28, 2011

Dates, Timelines and Important Info...

First of all, thank you.
Thank you so much for your encouraging words, your emails, your supportive comments and your prayers.
Your words and prayers walked us through such a difficult time.  And though this baby (in case you missed previous posts - I'm pregnant...) might still make an early entrance into the world, this baby is doing well.
Which is why I write...

As of June 20th, I will be going on maternity leave.
And I am not taking sessions again until after September 1.
(Although we do have a couple of weddings in there that are completely unaffected!  I could not be more excited for those weddings and the incredible couples!!!)

Finally, I do want to add, there may be a location change for our family over the summer months.  (And yes, we will keep everyone posted)  This does not affect our wedding clients or future weddings because we will still consider Chicago one of our home bases!  But, there is a chance that we will not be here in the future for individual, couple and family sessions.  So at this moment, my calendar is only available for sessions through June 20th until further notice...
(In simple terms...if you're looking to book a session with us, book before June 20th!  If you are interested in giving us the honor of documenting your wedding day, let us know anytime!)

All of you rock.  Big time.  And as always...I can't wait to tell your story.


And just to spice things up today, enjoy a little video from one of my favorite little ones.

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  1. Get this girl a color TV! I was just thinking about Hannah this morning. "I was very impressed with mine." That girl... too wonderful. Love you, Paulsons.