Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My girls

She wouldn't quit.
I gave her many reasons to do so, even though she'll argue and say that's not the case.
I was hurting.  I was ready to give up.  And she was ready to walk through all of it with me.
Throughout our TEN years of friendship, she has pushed me.  Spoken the hard words.  Manufactured silly songs and fantasticly amazing CDs complete with songs from the Swedish Chef.  Held my hand.  Made me laugh so hard I nearly wet my pants.  Told me I could do it.  Called and left hilarious messages that to anyone else would seem border-line crazy.  Reminded me that it will be okay.  Had faith when mine was gone.  Walked me through the goodness of God when I couldn't see it.  Listened to me cry - not the simple tears, but the snot-inducing, heaving, painful sobs.
Of course, during this friendship,  she had to go marry an absolutely incredible guy and move to Tokyo.
BUT, they came to visit.  And though we were saddened not to get to see her equally unbelievable other half, we did get to hang out with her and her PRECIOUS daughter.  And yes, I officially claim aunt-hood to this GORGEOUS little lady.  Be jealous. 

I'm so in love.

Can we just draw attention to the fact that Katie is BEAUTIFUL?!?  Oh my goodness...

Could they be ANY cuter?  Nope.  It's impossible.  I'm convinced.

Yep.  I just melted.

And requirement:  You simply MUST check out their SLIDE-SHOW  And the music is courtesy of Devin Bustin

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  1. I love this too much. Way to make me bawl! God has heaped talent on you. Wow. I love you times infinity. Morp, morp, morp!