Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sarah and Chris: Engagement Session

Sometimes people just know.
Sometimes... your sister just knows...
And this time, Sarah's sister knew.  So she did what any good sister would do: she convinced her sister to go to her nephew's practice so she could meet his hockey coach.  And...her sister gave him Sarah's number.
Disclaimer: this is completely unlike Sarah's sister.  But hey, sometimes when you know, you have to take a risk...for your sister.
A few days later they had a "sort-of" blind date.  And they started to realize that Sarah's sister was right.
This fall, Sarah and Chris will start their journey as husband and wife.  So, of course, they needed to stop and document this moment.  Their love - their excitement - and lots of snow...

Sarah and Chris - I'm such a fan.  Thank you for inviting me to spend a Sunday afternoon with you.  (while the Bears unfortunately lost...)  And thank you for being patient with me as ice + Amy often equals disaster...  I am so excited for the two of you to get married and I had such a wonderful time with you!

Meet the incredible and incredibly gorgeous Sarah and Chris...

Okay, Sarah, I LOVE the way you look at Chris.  It's pretty obvious how much you love him...

Can we say awesome?  These two rocked it out...  And Sarah - thank you so much for finding the Hyatt Regency Ohare so that we could do some indoor pictures!

LOVED this spot.  And of course, they can make anything look AMAZING.

If only you knew what went into this elevator shot...

And then we headed out for some ice skating/hockey fun...


Sarah, you are GORGEOUS.

If you'd like to see more from their engagement session, check out their SLIDE-SHOW.  And a special thank you to Andrea Bustin for the beautiful original music.  (And if you live in the Chicago area - she is performing this Saturday.  Click HERE for the details!)


  1. I just loved their story! How special.

    The locations are gorgeous. I want to hear how you got that elevator shot, haha :)

  2. This is the best session you've done to date. So artistic! I love it!

  3. Agreed - your best session yet. These are amazing pictures!

  4. Thank you guys SOOOO much! Your comments meant so much!
    And Maggie - I can't wait to fill you in. Let's just say they are some of the most patient clients ever...