Monday, January 24, 2011

Kalyn and Ryan

They were friends.
But just that.
And at the time - that was perfect. 
God had a lot for them to learn.  Questions to ask.  Friends to make. 
But a few years later...they couldn't help but notice.  Ryan knew that not only was Kalyn gorgeous, but she brought out the best in him...she challenged him and she was well...someone he knew he needed and wanted in his life.  And Kalyn started to feel those butterflies when she was around him...  He was so, well...amazing. 
And so it began.  And in a matter of months these two will officially start their journey as husband and wife. 

We all got together on a CRAZY COLD Chicago day and took some pictures.  And though I did lose feeling in my fingers at a few points - I LOVED every minute with them.  (Keep in mind - these two are AMAZING.  It was SO cold and they were so great about it all.  Not to mention - their love for each other - beautiful.)

There will be more to come on a warmer day, but in the meantime - enjoy their awesome-ness.  And Kalyn and Ryan we can't wait to celebrate and thank God with you in October!  Atlanta - here we come!

Um...did I mention that they are ADORABLE?!?  (Yes, Ryan...I just called you adorable)

KALYN.  You.are.gorgeous.
Work it, girl.


Again with that whole "you are GORGEOUS" Kalyn... make my day.

Seriously....Ryan and Kalyn - you brought it.

If you'd like to see more from their engagement session, click HERE.  And thank you to Devin Bustin for the great music.  Check out his original work HERE.

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  1. I went to middle school with her! small world :) Love these images! The light adds such a beautiful romantic feel!