Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kiersten and Eric

Ice cream.
Honestly, it's where the best stories begin.  And it's precisely where their story began.
He came to do an internship of sorts with her family's custard business.  (And yes, if you're in western New York, you must go visit Anderson's.  You'll thank me.)  And then years later, when she moved to Philadelphia and needed a job, she turned to his ice cream shop.
But they soon realized they had much more in common than just a love of great ice cream.  And before long they found themselves engaged in long talks, adventures and learning more history together - all the while starting theirs.  
Kiersten and Eric - it was an honor to document your wedding.  We loved getting to know the two of you and so many of the stories that have shaped the two of you and your friends and families.  Thank you for sharing your love with us.  We are so honored.


Kiersten's BEAUTIFUL vintage dress at the ever-so-gorgeous Roycroft Inn

The hair accessories that Kiersten MADE HERSELF.  (She's incredible)

 What vintage wedding would be complete without top hats and bow ties?  (Guess who made those ties?  Are you noticing a pattern?  Yes, the incredibly talented Kiersten...)

I may have wanted to steal the bouquets and keep them for myself...  But of course, I didn't.

And let's not forget her elegant Tahari shoes...

And without any more delay, the stunning bride...

One of my favorites.  Kiersten - you are adorable!

A few of the wonderful bridesmaids...

While the ladies applied their finishing touches, the groom and groomsmen were busy tying their ties...


KIERSTEN.  You are gorgeous...

Eric and Kiersten decided to have a "First Look" so that they could have a few moments to themselves and plenty of time to take pictures beforehand so they could focus on their family and friends after the wedding.  (Such a great idea and such a beautiful moment for just the two of them...)  This is a picture of Kiersten on the way to go meet Eric.  They were so excited to see each other.

Eric's face when he first saw his beautiful bride

After they had a few moments, we all headed out for pictures at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens.  It was perfect.

And so were they.  Can we say coolest bridal party ever?

My amazing husband/second shooter/love of my life captured this moment while I was putting together the group shots.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

And he took these next two...

With such a vintage wedding theme, we had to recreate an old wedding photo...

And did I mention that Kiersten is STUNNING?!?

Afterward, we headed to the church where Kiersten's dad was able to see her for the first time that day...

And before long, it was time for the ceremony to begin

This melts me every time.

We then headed to the reception at the Roycroft for dinner, celebration and ice cream...

Instead of opting for cutting the cake, they served a special ice cream they had made for their reception...

And soon it was time for some dancing.

Afterward, Kiersten and Eric went out to their getaway car to discover that some clever friends had buried it with snow...  Here's a glimpse of what ensued.  And yes, they were able to dig it out...eventually.

Because every bride wants a shovel on her wedding day?

If you'd like to see more pictures, visit Kiersten and Eric's wedding SLIDE-SHOW.  And we'd like to say thank you to Devin Bustin for the music!

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