Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baby Blythe

Life is full of them. 
And though most of us never would have planned that way, we oftentimes look back and think how wonderful it was. 
Their plans?  Adopt.  They had always wanted to.  (Which makes me SOOOOOO happy) 
What happened?  This beautiful lady.  (Which also makes me happy)
And though at first, it seemed like a crazy turn in life, they wouldn't have it any other way.  And they are still looking forward to the day when they adopt and this little lady adds some precious siblings.

Currey and JJ, oh my goodness.  You two rock.  We are beyond thankful for you guys.  Watching the way you love people, the way you care for the overlooked and the way you live is simply beautiful.  (Although I sounded slightly stalkerish as well...)  Thank you.  Thank you for the words you bring into our lives.  For the way you show us even better who God is.  And for the fact that you are absolutely committed to adoption.  I'm such a fan.
And Mr. and Mrs. Jones?  You two are incredible.  It was a privilege to meet you.  And as I'm sure you already know - you have SUCH a wonderful daughter.  (And granddaughter, but judging from these pictures, you definitely know that)

So here's a little snap shot of my time with them.  And let me tell you now, they totally brought the cute.  Big time.

Oh JJ, you are SO beautiful

One of my favorite families ever.

Precious little girl, your daddy LOVES you.

Oh how I love this

Some behind the scenes action.  Tutus require help.

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