Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Words

What you will find below belongs in my journal of conversations with God.  But tonight, while I couldn't sleep due to caffeine consumed far too late in the afternoon which was due to extreme amounts of tiredness and children who desired a functioning parent (such a vicious cycle...), I decided to just throw it out there.  So here's some of the innermost me currently.  

An empty page.
Waiting for words.
Patiently waiting.

The words I would litter upon the page...reconsidered.

Because it would be the same old thing.

And this?

This is a new page.

Worth new words.

Words of hope.  Dreamy words.  Words of longing.  Brimming with excitement.

Please help me drop the pointless, recycled questions that have proved to be some kind of warped warm blanket I love to wrap myself up in.

Give me new words.

A new story that is not destroyed by my lesser than beliefs about myself.

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