Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Familie Bernitz

She's my hero.
There's just no other way to say it.
When her husband was offered the opportunity to work in the United States for 2 years, she said yes.  (or "ja")  Even though she didn't speak English.  Even though it meant leaving family and friends.  Even though it meant walking their children through a new school system in a different language.  Even though American chocolate cannot compare to chocolate in Deutschland.  But that "ja" changed my life and the lives of so many others.  And we cannot say thank you (danke) enough.
One Sunday morning, I just happened to be working in the kids' program at our church.  There was a beautiful little girl who was new, sitting by herself.  I knew exactly what that felt like, so I went over to join her.  After about one minute I realized she didn't speak English.  And I realized how little German I spoke.  But we found a way to understand each other anyway.  And I was really thrilled that I at least knew the word "Deutsch."
And that's how it all started.  And by "it" I mean us meeting the Bernitz family.  And our family being blessed beyond measure by the Bernitz family.

Thank you, Familie Bernitz for all the love you have shown us.  For soccer lessons.  For being Hannah's best friends.  For INCREDIBLE food.  For the best gummy bears in the world.  For teaching us the importance of fireworks on New Year's Eve.  For being patient with my lack of German.  For letting my daughter become a part of your family.  And our little boy.  For taking Hannah in right after J was born so that I could get a shower.  For hugs that left me knowing how loved I was.  For stopping by our house just to see how we were doing.  For working SOOOOO hard to learn English so we could communicate even more.
We love you so much.  And I could not have been more honored to take your pictures.  And to have you here for a little while.  We miss you.  And wherever life leads us, I pray that we will love others the way that you do.  No matter what "barriers" might be in the way.

Prepare yourself.  These kids are UNBELIEVABLY adorable.

And the amazing parents.
Oh, Martina.  You are SO beautiful.

There are more coming.  Check out the facebook page tomorrow...

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