Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big boy beds. And epic failures.

Today we decided to move the little man into a "big boy" bed.
Actually, our kids share a room and my little lady's bed is my big brother's old day bed from back in the day that has a trundle bed underneath which now belongs to Jayden.
In honor of that occasion, I'll share with you my text message conversation with Ted during Jayden's nap time...

Me: Dude.  He seriously fell asleep.
Ted: Nice.  You da mom.
(Can we just draw attention to how hilarious my husband is?)
One hour passes...
Me: And then he coughed himself awake.
Me:  And then he pooped.
Me:  And then he attacked the blinds.
Me: And then he pulled everything out of the electrical outlets and either electrocuted himself or fell off the bed.  Still not sure which.
Me: And then I laid down with him until Stanley [our dog] decided to join us.
Me: And now he's scraping the walls.

Serenity now...

Oh well, at least he's cute.


  1. Oooooo Jayden!!!! Love him! What a cute picture

  2. That sounds like my life!!! Love our big boys :)

  3. stop posting such cute pictures of jay! it makes me miss you guys sooooo much!