Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthdays and Chipmunks

In life, there are THOSE people. You know them. The kind you meet and you can't begin to figure out how you lived a whole life before they joined you. The kind who you an think of mid-day and no matter how many times your kids have sung "the Hula Hoop" line in that Christmas song from Alvin and the Chipmunks, (which I'm convinced should be banned) you can think of them, and your heart still smiles - a big, toothy grin, too. The person who gets you and has seen the real you and doesn't want to turn around and sprint like it's their chance to join the Olympic team.
Somehow, God has given me five of these friends. I still can't believe it. And one of them had a birthday a month ago. And in classic Amy style, we celebrated this past weekend. Yep, that's month late. Because nothing says "surprise" like celebrating someone's birthday one month later.
Here's some pics of some of my favorite people. They make my life a whole lot brighter and I hope these pics will make yours brighter, too.

The Cake. This cake holds my mom's cream cheese frosting upon it's luscious layers. Try not to lick the screen. Because her frosting is that good, friends...

Either she's really excited about the cake or she's about to blow out the candles...I'll let you decide

Serving up some yumminess

LOVE LOVE LOVE. The picture and the awesome Jamie in it...

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil...awesome style

In hindsight, it looks more like I'm trying to flex my muscles.

I love this girl. So much. Oh my goodness...

One of my favorite ladies, who also made the party happen and happens to be gorgeous - just see her pictures here

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