Saturday, February 20, 2010

What Freaks Me Out...

There are things in life that make you want to pee your pants on the spot. Your heart rate decides to kick it up a notch. Your blood kindly reminds you that it has, in fact, been present and doing it's thing by pumping so furiously that you begin to wonder if your heart might make an appearance on the outside of your body. (If blood were to talk, it would probably say it's just getting it's pump on. Or at least mine would...) And with each breath you take, the oxygen level around you seems to be depleting at a rapid rate, causing you to wonder how you can possibly get in enough air.
For me, this is usually the number one indicator that I have now found the exact next thing I should do.
You see, I'm trying something new. Every day I'm trying to do one thing that thoroughly freaks me out. One thing that initially send my heart into sprint mode; one thing that makes me wonder if I ate butterflies at my last meal.
A few days ago I was checking out the Shootsac blog (only the greatest camera bag EVER that I got for Christmas from my amazing sister-in-law and brother-in-law) and I saw it.
Heart rate elevated? Check. Breathing suddenly seeming like I just ran the 50 yard dash? You bet.
They were hosting a special competition for free passes to WPPI in Vegas this year. For those of you who are a little confused, it's this huge, learning, growing, business booming wedding photography gathering. Basically a little photographer's dream, especially when you desperately long to learn.
You've got to understand, I LONG to go to workshops. I want to soak up every great branding idea, photography technique, workflow and processing tool I can. I desperately want to learn. But our bank account currently doesn't allow for such things. And so I read blogs like Jasmine Star, the Pioneer Woman, Jessica Claire and Open Source Photo Forum almost every day, just to absorb anything I can... I read my camera manual over and over. And I dream of days when I can go to these kind of events and grow and learn.
So...I entered. I recruited my precious little lady, rewrote the lyrics to a song and put it out there. I don't know how we'd even come up with the money for airfare if I did win, but I knew that was the next right step...putting myself out there was that one thing that thoroughly freaked me out.
So here's the video we recorded. I hope you enjoy it. And yes, my little lady is that adorable.

Thanks for encouraging me to dream. And so things that freak me out. Because I'm not going to let fears hold me back anymore...

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