Friday, February 5, 2010

One day...

One day I will write about the gravity of this week.
One day I will recount the graciousness of people in our lives.
One day I will share how some very special people basically came to our rescue and gave us hope again.
But for this moment, I don't know that my heart could handle it. And I'm pretty certain I wouldn't begin to have words to put around it.

So, today we'll settle for much more lighthearted fare.
For such things, I typically turn to my little lady. So, without further ado, here is one of my favorite Hannah quotes of the week...after I preface the quote, of course.
I took Hannah to "Disney on Ice" last night. It was time for a mommy/daughter date and I found half price tickets. (Translation: I'm SO in...) After seeing princesses, Mickey and so many others skate, flip and do all sorts of awesome stunts, we got in our car to head home.
That's when it happened... I said, "So...Hannah, what was your favorite part?"
"The half naked guy. I want to be in Disney on Ice and I could be the half-naked girl."

Yeah. She's going to kill me for sharing this one day. And I'll deserve it.

But, I guess the little kid from the Jungle Book was her favorite - even if he was out there for 5 seconds.

She has also informed me that she wants to be IN "Disney on Ice" one day. So...look for my daughter in a few years, I guess. (Actually, I think she'd have more hope for musicals than ice skating if she is even mildly like her mommy in the clumsiness arena...)

So here are some pics of us getting ready:

We'll start with Jayden...because although it was a Mommy/Daughter date, I cannot get enough of my little man. Watch out, ladies. He melts hearts.

Yes, he's chewing on Polly Pockets. And yes, I thought he was so cute, I took a picture instead of removing the choking hazard. I am that mom. I apologize...

We hot-rolled her hair...

And we painted her nails...

And we took more pictures of the hot-rollers and made faces in the mirror...

And this is what we got...

Thank you, Hannah, for filling my night with giggles, silly songs and adventure. You have been the surprise of a lifetime and each moment with you just keeps getting better. I love you, little lady. Always and forever...

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  1. Oh these pictures are definitely melting my heart!! Your kids are just so adorable, Amy, and you are too : ) I love the way you captured the moments! Those black and white pictures of the rollers in her hair are just too cute! I would so frame them.