Tuesday, February 16, 2010

THOSE people

They are some of those people. You know them.
The people that waltz into your life and leave you unable to wrap words around your gratitude to God for their arrival. The people who somehow make that shift from friend to family. The people who you couldn't imagine your life without, nor would you ever want to. The people that illicit squeals upon sight, just because your heart leaps so loudly when you see them that your voice couldn't help but echo the feeling. They find their way into your favorite memories and always seem to make them better - whether it's the half-marathon from hell, (this may strike you as strong language, and it is, but this race deserved it) Starbucks dates where you just can't get over the fact that you get to live life with this amazing person, birthday parties for your little ones, late night talks complete with Chai and polka dot mugs or anything else quite honestly. Your heart gets all wrapped up in their lives and it's just the way you like it.
Yesterday these precious ladies went to a dance and I went all "obsessed picture-taking mother" on them. Why? Because I love them. Because if I could, I'd follow them around all the time preserving through pictures just how beautiful they are so that I wouldn't forget a moment and I could share it with the world and the world could be reminded of how beautiful life is - just by seeing them live life. (Yes, that does sound slightly creeper-ish...) And because I adore their friends. And their Elf parties...

So, here's a glimpse. Here's beauty. And hilarity. Mixed with pure awesomeness.

And yes, I do hair. Boo-yah. I learned a few things while soaking up the awesomeness of my friends at the spa... And Hilary, made props for catching me making this face. I cannot wait to see more of your work...

And these next few are courtesy of the AMAZING Hilary... And yes, she picked up my camera for the FIRST time and did this... Oh my word, girl, you've got made skills

My heart just melted. Two of my favorite people. EVER

Some seriously beautiful, AMAZING ladies. You girls rock...

These guys get at least 1,000 cool points

This is me...loving them

And this just made my day...

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