Saturday, April 24, 2010

Amy and Nate

Middle school.
The "bridge" between elementary and high school.  (Thank you, Wikipedia)  The awkward years.  Changing voices.  Awkward hair cuts.  Dressing for gym...
But for them, it was when they met.
He knew she was beautiful.  And sweet as all get out.  And she had a thing for someone else.
Oh middle school...
Until that one day.  The day a few years later when he walked past her on the football field and her eyes were opened to the incredible man standing before her.
And so it began.
There have been hard times.  Great times.  Moments filled with laughter.  Good-byes filled with tears.  (not that Nate would cry or anything...)  And even in the moments where it would have been easier to just give up, they realized that the other person was worth fighting for and so, they fought.
In less than 100 days, these two will take that love, that persevering love, that dedicated love and declare it in front of family and friends as they pledge their lives to each other.  And in that beautiful moment, they will start their lives together.  And keep fighting.  And keep laughing.  And keep loving.  Because the love they have for each other is beautiful.  And worth fighting for.

Amy, oh my goodness, lady.  You are beyond beautiful.  And sure, you are extremely gorgeous, but I was actually referring to who you are as a person.  The way you love others.  The way you encourage people.  The way you can enter a room and bring joy back.  And Nate, I've known you through Amy for years.  I knew you were wonderful.  And then I met you.  And it was confirmed.  The way you love Amy is a reminder of how I'd want to live life - all in.  And thank you for being willing to show that side (and your hilarious side - which I LOVE) even when I had a camera in front of my face.
You two.  You two are going to bless the world.  And I cannot wait to see what God does through the two of you.  In each others' lives.  In the lives of others.  And basically everywhere you place your foot.
I cannot wait until your wedding day.  Yep, I'm giddy.  Because I can't wait to see and capture the beauty of the two of you starting your life as one.

Yep.  They are even cute while holding a football.  They have mad skills.

Oh how I loved her shoes...

Wow.  Seriously, Amy.  Wow...

Yes, he wore his Jordan's.  And yes, that's when I knew that he was one of my favorite people.  Ever.

She's kept all of the notes that he wrote her.  Could we be a little more adorable?

That's a whole lot of gorgeous going on right there...


  1. Amy, all I can say is you have some mad skills lady. Amy and Nate look awesome, I'm a few years younger than them but graduated at the same high school they did. It's so nice seeing love that lasts from high school and beyond, it gives me hope for me and breyne :) Don't ever stop taking pictures because God has given you one enormous gift. And to Amy & Nate, congratulations and good luck :)

  2. these are so amazing! wonderful job :)
    I follow your blog now, so I can't wait to see more stuff!