Thursday, April 22, 2010

But I can...

Like, no coffee could put a dent in this overwhelming sense of extreme tiredom.
I looked at my adorable little ones who seemed to have chugged espresso at breakfast.  And I uttered the words, "I just can't do this today."
My mind raced.  How could I get through?  And yet I kept coming back to it.  My body is exhausted.  My soul is so tired.  I just can't...
As I was finding clothes for them to wear (2 hours after they had already gotten up...) God stopped me.
You realize what you're saying makes you even more defeated, right?  With My help, you can do this.  Start telling yourself that.
And so I did.
Over and over.
You can do this You're going to do this.  You will do this.

And though it's far from perfect, today we're doing this.  (Not ripping globes...we're loving life.  The rip happened a long time ago.)

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  1. on thursday... I peeled three stickers :) if I CAN do that you can too