Monday, April 5, 2010

My Generation.

There's a book you need to read.
For serious.
Your soul needs this book. My soul needs this book.

A few months ago, my copy arrived in the mail. Initially, I put it by my bed. We made eye contact and everything, but I wasn't sure if I was ready to dive in. And quite honestly, (and yes, I feel like a total jerk for doing this...) I didn't know what to expect.
Finally, I resolved myself to pick up the book.
It was a big moment for me... This was the first time in close to 3 years that I was picking up a "Christian" book.
3 days later, this is what I wrote to Josh Riebock, the author of My Generation, husband to the amazing Kristen, incredible speaker, and former co-worker:

Dear Josh,

It has been approximately three years. During that time, I found myself unable to pick up a Christian book. I was tired. Tired of the guilt trips, tired of the five step plans, tired of the overused alliterations and tired of the cheesy "we don't really know the real world" syndrome that pervades an unfortunate plethora of Christian bookshelves these days. (to clarify, definitely not all) And honestly, I started out picking up your book because I know you and I care about you.
But I couldn't put it down. Josh, I'm ADD. Reading is a labored endeavor for me. I only do it for worthwhile books and stories that must be absorbed. And your book is absolutely that.
The way you weave words together and unassumingly strip the reader of pride and ego and everything else is beautiful. You present challenges to your readers in this beautifully butt-kicking, yet awe-inspiring, vision-casting way that leaves us feeling like this other way of life is absolutely possible.
And thank you for putting something together that would open my eyes to the mess that I am and yet usher in God's love in this ridiculously overwhelming way.
I needed this. And I will be re-reading this. (Which, let's be honest,there is only one book in my life that I have EVER read more than once. But my soul needs this. And it's just that good.)

I wanted to write some beautiful excerpt that would help you realize that getting into this book would be one of the best things you could do for yourself and for those around you. But my words never seemed to come together. So there's my story.
And I can't wait to hear yours...
Whether you've been burned by the church, you are a parent, you are a teenager, you're at a Christian college, you are a Christian student at a secular college, you are totally not into Christians at all, this is one of the best books you could ever get in your hands.  I promise.
Go buy your copy and then please, please write about how it impacted you here. I'd love to hear your story...


  1. I often feel the same way about books dealing with God and faith Amy--that they "pretend" away the real struggles, hurts, and questions of life. Glad to hear this one is different! I will get my copy!

  2. I'll keep this book in mind! One of these days I'll have time to read again : )