Thursday, June 17, 2010

Laura and her adorable kids...

I walked away smiling.
Because I had spent the past hour or so really living.
Hearing great knock-knock jokes.
Playing tag.
And seeing a family deeply love each other.
And I loved every last second.

Laura, there are not words to put around what a wonderful mom you are.  It shows.  It shows in the creativity of your precious kids.  In their laughter.  In the joy that they would never think of hiding.  I loved every last second of our time together.  And you kids?  Oh my goodness.  You three are amazing.  And hilarious.  And so beautiful.  (and handsome, of course)  Thank you for sharing your Friday night with me.  And your family.  And for being willing to race, play tag and tell knock-knock jokes on command.  You all rock.

Laura, you are SOOOOOOO beautiful.  And your kids?  Oh. my. word.

 I absolutely LOVE this picture


  1. Amy! Beautiful Photos!! I love the little girl kissing mommy by the fence - so precious!! Love your showit site - you've got super cute kids too! :)

  2. Hmm...I think you've seen those exact little girls dresses somewhere before.... :)

  3. HI Amy! I know Laura & her children & have to say you did an OUTSTANDING job of capturing who they are. Well done!!! The photos are beautiful, precious, and sure to be cherished for a long time.

  4. Amy there is so much creativity flowing out of this photo shoot. you did such a great job capturing who they are and bringing the stillness to life! I'm so impressed=]