Monday, August 2, 2010

25 years

Twenty five years.
Nine-thousand one-hundred thiry-one days.  (And yes I looked that up on Wikipedia)
Of falling asleep next to each other and waking up together.
Of holding hands.
Of loving words and sometimes not so loving words.
Of choosing to love when it was hard and treasuring that love when it was easy.

This precious couple has done that.  And they're not done.  But it was time to mark and celebrate this day.  This day celebrating that love.  The kind of love that chooses this amazing person out of everyone else in the world.  To do life with... 

I'm not going to lie: I LOVE couple's sessions.  It's a chance to stop.  A chance to hear their story - and to reconnect them with their story.  A chance to record this love.  This love that has endured time, pain and has come out even more beautiful.  (Because unfortunately, we all know we hurt the people we love the most at some point)

I left this session dancing.  Literally.  I tried to contain myself so I didn't terrify the people in downtown Wheaton, but nonetheless I danced.  Because of the beauty of the love these two share.  To hear how they've followed God.  How they weren't afraid to admit when they had made mistakes.  How love could literally cover a record of wrongs.  How God could take something already beautiful and make it even better.  I left with even more love for my husband and even more inspiration to keep loving.

Rick and Janice, thank you.  Thank you for sharing your story with me.  Thank you for being willing to be yourselves.  And thank you for entering into the love you have for each other and somehow managing to let go of the fact that I had a camera in front of my face.  You two are heroes to me.  Here's to twenty-five more years.  And more pictures all along the way.

And if you'd like, you can view their slide-show of more pictures from their session .  And the music?  That's the unbelievably talented Devin Bustin.  Rush over as fast as you possibly can and check out his music "Asher Lev" on itunes.  I'm in love. 

Yes, this is one of my favorite pictures. EVER.

And Janice, can we just go ahead and put it out there - you are STUNNING.
They are beyond adorable
LOVE this...

Again with you being stunning, Janice...

This makes me smile every time.

Oh how much I love their love for each other.

Love the expressions here.

And again, head on over to see the slide-show of their session!

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