Monday, August 9, 2010

A new set of rules

I shut the door and pressed the number 1.
Nothing happened.
I tried it again.
I tried pressing start.  Then cook time.  Then start again.
And still...nothing.
Microwaves are not supposed to mess with people early in the morning.  It should be a rule.  Especially when they are postponing said person's caffeine consumption.  And that person is a mom.
I couldn't figure out if it was me.  Or the microwave.  Such are the dilemmas I face before I've had caffeine in the morning.
Then it started.  Randomly.
I found it hilarious.
We all did.
Our microwave now has a serious mind of its own.

But here's what we've learned...
If you lean with all of your body weight into the microwave, it will usually work.  Usually.  And it seems to notice if you're not really putting all of your effort into it.
A random succession of number pressing, accompanied by opening and closing the door at least 5 times seems to convince the microwave to start.  Creative dances seem to also be helpful.
Even if the microwave starts, it may turn off at any second.
The time counting down is a good sign.  However, the timer can still stop at any moment and just freeze.  This is also something that strikes me as hilarious.  Especially early in the morning.
Just because the light comes on and it "sounds" like it's working, it may not actually heat said item.

So, the money we were saving for a new camera or new lens will be diverted this month.  Because it's probably never good when your refrigerator leaks and your microwave has a "personality."
Oh well.
It made for a good laugh.
So today I'll be thankful for the quirky little things appliances do (like Ted's possessed toothbrush that likes to turn on at 3 am...) and the stories I'll laugh over for a lifetime because of it.  And I'll be grateful for what I do have.

Like clients who were celebrating a love that has lasted through unbelievably hard circumstances, twists and turns, laughs, adorable children and beautiful moments.  And there is so much more coming, but in the meantime, here's a sneak peek of their couples' shoot.  And yes, she's wearing her wedding dress - and she's had 3 kids.  And she's my hero...  For lots of reasons.

Yes, they are ridiculously good-looking.

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  1. 1. I LOVE LOVE how younwrite! 2. I love your pictures 3. Those clients are fabulously nice and handy people :) I likenthem