Thursday, August 5, 2010


Today I am discouraged.
About photography.
About motherhood.
About my body ever feeling normal again.
About being registered for a half-marathon that is in a month when I am having trouble walking today.
About life.
About writing.
About my faithlessness to a God who has always been faithful.
About ever being completely out of debt.
About where I'm headed.
About my lack of friends.
So...basically, about everything.

So...where do I go from here?  I'm thinking self-pity is a no-go.  It never works out.
I'm looking into bearing my soul to the One who gave it to me.
And listening.
Yep.  Shutting my mouth.  And opening my ears.
Because I have a feeling He might be saying very different things than my mind is currently broadcasting.
And you know what?  It may or may not get better.  But I can.

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