Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Amy and Nate: "Day After" Session at Oscar Swan

Sometimes it comes at the wrong time.
Like right in the middle of your outdoor wedding ceremony.
But...I have the best clients in the world.  The kind that take life as it comes.  And laugh.  And at the end of the day - they know what's most important.  Their love.  That they get to hold hands.  That they get to wake up next to each other.
So when the downpour came...in the middle of their outdoor ceremony, it ruined our time-line and our plans to take pictures of them by themselves.  And so...we laughed.  And made a new plan.  Right after their honeymoon, she put on her wedding dress, he put on his tux and we captured their gorgeous selves.  Here's a little snapshot of our time.

And yes, they are incredible and GORGEOUS.

Yes.  A miniature house.  With green hearts.  And I made them stand there.  It was too odd to pass up.

Makes my day.  Every.time.


Um.  WOW.  Amy... WOW.

Nate, you're adorable.  And I'm officially adopting you as a brother.  You are all kinds of sweet. 

Love these next two...

Nate brought it.

Okay, I am overwhelmed by their cuteness.


LOVE LOVE and LOVE some more.

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