Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Coffee and Closed Doors

Whenever I drink coffee, I find it necessary to drink a huge glass of water.  It's simply a must.  And for those of you who know me well, this is a typical occurrence.
This also lends itself to needing to pee.
So, on Sunday, while my friend fielded an important phone call I went to alleviate my bladder.  I shut the door behind me, finished, washed my hands and then turned to the door.  I twisted the handle and...nothing.  We're talking door-would-not-move nothing.
At first I freaked a little. 
And then I just started laughing.
A lot.  (this is also a frequent occurrence for me)
I decided to get creative...
I physically tried to pull the door up as I pulled it back toward me.
I pushed down as I pulled back.
I twisted and used all of my body weight in repeated body jerks.
And then I texted my friend, "okay...I'm kind of stuck in the bathroom.  Like - door-stuck-and-can't-open...  Could you come help me?"
I paused, prayed and prepared myself for the hilarity and mild embarrassment of what was about to happen in the middle of this full coffee shop.
But I decided I'd give it one last shot.
And guess what?
No, really...guess.
It opened.
And then we laughed.  Really hard.
And yes, there is no point to this story.  At all.

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  1. LOL thank you! I needed a little giggle this morning :-)