Saturday, January 23, 2010

Leslie, Chris and Parker...

The last time I saw her was when I was in 7th grade. (Talk about my awkward years…) I remembered her as the charming, energetic, playful 5th grader that I’d always loved playing with.
And now…she’s married and has one of the most beautiful little ladies I’ve ever known. (Little Parker Kate is one of my BFF’s now. I adore her. We’re tight.) When Leslie said she’d be willing to drive and join in on my photo shoot in Louisville, I was so excited. Why? Because I had been stalking her and that adorable family on facebook and I was just plain old excited to see her again – the no longer 5th grade girl who is now such a beautiful, kind-hearted wife and mommy.
And Chris? He rocks. (Parker’s shirt even says so.) Leslie grew up and married such an incredible guy – who is completely and utterly in love with the two gorgeous ladies who fill his home with laughter and spontaneity. (as well he should be)
Their family? Precious. Here… Just take a look. You’ll fall in love with them just like I did – I promise.

Side note to my dear friend, Miss Parker...
Dear Sweet Parker,

Thank you, Miss Parker. You may not know this, but you changed things for me. While I was watching you and capturing the smiles and giggles you shared so freely, I realized something. Photography isn't just taking pictures. It is this sacred, beautiful gift. I can't believe that God would be so gracious to let me be a part of your life and capturing who you are. Because in those moments of sprints, swings and hugs, I got to capture for your family your beauty and press pause so that your family can hopefully go back to those precious moments with you when they hold these pictures in their hands. Because of you, I've fallen even more in love with photography and the God who would let me be a part of something so beautiful. No matter what becomes of this business, every moment is worth it. So thank you, Miss Parker. You rock.

Introducing the one and only...Parker

I am so in love with her shirt... And she's right, her dad does rock.

Leslie, you are so beautiful and I love these pictures of you and Parker

So...whenever I do family shoots, I ALWAYS try to capture some of the couple. Every couple needs pictures of themselves - especially after their wedding!!! Here's a few of my favorites of Leslie and Chris. And the fourth one in this series shows you what Parker liked to do during her mommy and daddy's shoot...

Chris, you are stellar. Flat out. I love the way you adore those precious ladies of yours.

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  1. Love these!! And the fact you included a four footed friend- you know me and animals! Nice work! Sooo fun!