Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Schrenger Family

She’s one of my heroes. She has two kids, a crazy awesome business. (Check out the adorable things she and her sister make for kids and moms and dads. Holy cute pants, batman! Check it out here) She’s a half-marathon runner. She gives, she lays down her wants and desires for others and she’s just plain beautiful.
About a year ago I found myself belly full of boy and I was terrified. I didn’t know how to “do” two children. And so I emailed her. Though we now lived miles apart, could tell through facebook that she was that awesome, inspiring mom who isn’t perfect, but gets “it.” She was so gracious. She listened, dispensed advice and heaped encouragement upon my nervous self. I cannot explain how much that meant to me. She felt like my life-line. I really believed her when she said I could do this. And I needed those words so desperately at that time especially.
So when I was going to be in Louisville, I was thrilled that I would have a chance to meet her precious family, her awesome husband and just soak up some of their amazing-ness. Her kids? Hilarious. Precious. Loving. Spirited. Excited. Lovely. Her husband? Patient. Kind. Strong. Enamored with his family. Steady. In love with his bride.
It was a blast adventuring, playing in leaves and enjoying their family. Thanks for spending time with me, Schrenger family! You guys are great...

April, let it be said, YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!

He is so precious!

Oh, how I love this...

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