Monday, January 11, 2010

Megan and Tim

Laughter. It’s completely unavoidable when you spend more than three minutes with them. It’s not a forced laughter. It’s that sweet, rolls out of the belly, you laugh because you catch a little more clearly how beautiful life is, kind of laughter.
Their path to one another was very different though. In other relationships they experienced the pain, the hurt, and the brokenness that loving someone can bring. And when they could have chosen to leave up their guards, be bitter and play it safe, they chose to laugh. And love. And risk. And it’s pretty obvious they made the right choice.
Megan and Tim are some kind of wonderful. Megan holds this calm, persevering, adventuresome beauty and boldness that inspires me. Tim’s devotion to her leaves me teary. And his wit left me doubled over in laughter for most of their shoot.
Here’s a snapshot of their love.
Megan and Tim, thank you for letting me into the beautiful way you love each other. For the ways you are willing to sacrifice to see the best for each other and in each other. For the way your love encourages the people around you. And Megan, thank you again for your openness and honesty in our contest. I still read your entry and tear up. Your words, your life, and your love are beautiful. Thank you for sharing that so openly. You guys rock.

They're so cute...

Rock awesome shoes...

Hi, Megan. You're gorgeous... True story.

Do you now see why I was cracking up the entire shoot? Tim rocks.

I love the set up for their jumping picture... Tim had to stretch. He goes all out...

They prepare...

THE jump

Yes, they really are just that cute...

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